LA Lipo uses the latest technology from the USA to give a great
result for everyone, every time.

Terms and Conditions

Appointment and Cancellations

All LA Lipo Chesham staff is trained as well as approved as per the treatment protocols of companies, and therefore LA Lipo doesn’t guarantee continued treatment with any named staff member.

If you’re not capable of attending your appointment, we need a 48-hour notice. Failure to issue this notice will lead to you being required to pay a cancellation fee. This cancellation fee will be equal to the cost of the entire treatment. Also, this will lead to you paying for any future treatment in advance. All clients who have made a purchase of course of treatments and then fail on attending their appointment are going to pay a fee for their missed treatment.

To reschedule your appointment or for cancellations, you should please call the clinic where your appointment is supposed to take place and talk to one of the LA Lipo team members. Note that answer phone messages won’t be accepted.

You should make sure that you arrive for your appointment ten minutes in advance. This is important because the necessary paperwork needs to be completed. Avoid late arrivals, it can lead to reduced time for treatment or even forfeiting of your appointment. LA Lipo will endeavour to make sure that your appointment will run on time as scheduled. However, at times that may not occur due to constraints that are beyond our control, hence we reserve the right of postponing as well as cancelling your appointment with a little advance warning.

Before your appointment, we’ll inform you about any preparation needed in advance of the treatment. If you fail to follow the guidelines that we require you to, it may lead to cancellation of your appointment, additional fees being charged or reduced treatment time.

If you pay up front for a treatment in LA Lipo, you won’t get this refunded in case you decide to change your mind. But you have the option and can use the fee you have paid in another treatment.

Payments, Deposits and Credit Card Details

Course of Treatments

All the treatments purchased as a course have to be fully paid for in advance of your first treatment.

All treatments have to be booked or taken within one year of the day of purchase. Any treatment that is left un-booked or un-taken for a period of one year is going to be forfeited. If you do not follow a treatment course that has been recommended or/and aftercare, you might not gain the results or be as visible as they are supposed to and LA Lipo Chesham can’t be held responsible. Generally, results will vary from one person to another and can’t be guaranteed. That’s subject to your lifestyle and diet plus any medical conditions you may be having.

Treatment Refusal

We have the right of refusing you treatment without reservation. Furthermore, if you don’t advise us of a medical condition that can hinder you from getting the treatment, then we reserve the right of refusing treatment to you plus charge you for the cancellation fully.

Vouchers/Special Offers

Discounts can’t be used together with other offers – discounts apply against RRP only.

When you make a booking with a voucher, that voucher is non-transferable and non-refundable. Failure to arrive at your appointment will lead to forfeiting your voucher. Rescheduling your voucher booking require a 48-hour notice. Decisions of the management are final and aren’t open for discussion.

Treatment Suitability

We’ll always assess whether the treatment will be suitable for you, or it will likely be successful before carrying out any treatment. If not, we’ll tell you the reason why. You’ll only be accountable for the initial consultation cost, where applicable.


LA Lipo won’t be liable in tort, contract or otherwise for economic loss (without limitation, this includes loss of profit) or any other special, consequential or indirect loss or damage resulting in connection with, or arising out of, its provision of goods or/and services we offer to clients.

It is the responsibility of the client to make sure that they provide LA Lipo with all the relevant medical history plus pre-existing medical conditions before each treatment. LA Lipo won’t be liable for damages, which includes a personal injury sustained due to the failure of the client to disclose such details.

All clients agree to act in accordance with all instructions or/and recommendations that are given to them on behalf of or by LA Lipo concerning the care of an area that has been treated. Nothing in these business terms shall limit or exclude LA Lipo’s liability for death or a personal injury arising from LA Lipo negligence or even any of LA Lipo’s agents.


In the event of a no-show, 100 per cent fee will be charged. Deposits are non-refundable, except when you’re not able to continue with the treatment due to medical reasons.