Fat Dissolving Injections
Aqualyx From LA LIPO Chesham

Targeted Fat Dissolving Injections, safe, cost effective & Permanent




  • Targeted & Safe
  • There is no recovery time required.
  • A non-surgical option for body sculpting
  • Regular promotions
  • Fast results
  • Target Specific areas
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Clinic or mobile in your home

Targeted Areas To Treat

As a result of AQUALYX injections, your lymphatic system can securely get rid of excess fat from your body without creating any kind of harm.

This fast and easy treatment minimizes the appearance of a dual chin while additionally tightening the jawline.

How Does It Work?

In order to break down and “absorb” fats in food, the body produces deoxycholic acid. Now it’s feasible to safely inject deoxycholic acid into certain parts of the body. Fat is permanently broken down after a collection of treatments.

Advantages Of Aqualyx

Up to a 70-80% reduction in fat mass can be achieved by a series of treatments in a solitary location. Even if you consume healthily and also exercise on a regular basis, those persistent “fat pockets” will not vanish, regardless of just how difficult you attempt.

Why Choose LA LIPO

Does It Work On Stomach Fat

Intending to eliminate stomach fat and also hips without the requirement for surgical procedure or extensive recovery time?

Subcutaneous fat can be decreased without surgical procedure utilizing Aqualyx, an injectable gel-based liquid option that liquifies fat as well as is biodegradable. It triggers fat cells to dissolve, and also the body naturally excretes the fatty acids that are released as a result.

To combat persistent areas of fat, Aqualyx Fat Elimination therapy is a brand-new and exciting item that can aid. Aqualyx Fat Dissolving Injections can assist you remove stubborn fat in as couple of as 3 to eight therapies.

Aqualyx What Does It Do?

Aqualyx is a non-invasive treatment for localised fat decrease and also elimination. It’s excellent for individuals who on a regular basis work out and also consume a healthy diet, however still have persistent locations of fat that reject to budge no matter how hard they try.

Aquaplasty, or Aqualysis, is a procedure that involves infusing a solution right into targeted locations of fat. Aqualyx has phosphatidylcholine, a natural material that can trigger the devastation of fat cells when absorbed high doses.

Fat cells can be damaged permanently if you preserve a stable weight, eat healthfully and continue working out as usual. Using Aqualyx, fat cells can be completely eliminated from the body and will certainly never reappear.

Is It Safe?

Swelling or bruising will certainly have a very little influence as well as needs to vanish completely within 7-10 days.

Making use of a cool pack for a brief amount of time (no greater than 20 mins per day) can assist, however anti-inflammatories should be prevented.

It’s feasible that the area will remain to be slightly tender for some time.

Common Fat Dissolving Injection Questions Answered :

Every person’s fat composition and also genetics are special, so we advise varying our suggestions on a case-by-case basis. 1-2 sessions for submental fat and approximately 4 sessions for belly and also thighs are typical (visceral fat).

Body contouring and treating persistent pockets of fat that don’t respond to work out or diet programs are two of the many benefits of this treatment. These consist of the chin and also jawline, under the arms, the abdomen, and the upper legs.

You’ll be able to drive securely once more and also return to your normal regular today.

To what level can my therapy help others?

A day-to-day water consumption of 2 litres or even more aids in recovery and also hydration.

Where Can It Be Used On The Body?
aqualyx Chesham


Aqualyx can be made use of to dissolve fat on the entire body.

Included in this are the following:

Regarding triceps are concerned:

  • There are folds in the back (below the ribs).
  • Belly Loins.
  • Region around the beyond the buttocks.
  • Composition of the hamstrings.
  • Anterior facet of the knee.
  • Liposculpture for the double chin.

As long as you stay with a healthy diet and workout regular after therapy, your outcomes need to last a long period of time and can also enhance with time.