Emsella Incontinence Treatment Chesham

Emsella Non surgical pelvic floor activation Treatment


An estimated 14 million people in the UK suffer from a form of incontinence.

LA LIPO are proud to offer EMSELLA Incontinence treatment proven to give our clients long lasting natural results!

Emsella Chesham - Incontinence Treatment


You are the most qualified individual to understand that parenting is a fine line to walk. managing diaper changes, feedings, school pick-ups, and housework time while juggling work, daytimes, and even personal time!

Consequently, you have little control over one aspect of your hectic routine when bladder leakage occurs.

Urinary incontinence in men can be embarrassing, unpleasant, or awkward after childbirth or as they age.

Pregnancy, menopause, ageing, urinary tract infections, smoking, complication of hysterectomy, an enlarged prostate, and prostate cancer cells can all cause urinary system incontinence.

What Is Emsella Chair Chesham How Does It Work?

Emsella Incontinence Treatment

Think of it as a kind of pelvic Seat. Emsella is a non invasive pelvic floor activation treatment.

You are a queen or king, and especially after having a child, you deserve a life without leaks!

Men can benefit from this medication as well, especially if they have a history of prostate problems.

The electromagnetic energy that the Emsella chair emits, known as high-intensity concentrated electromagnetic (HIFEM), causes a variety of supramaximal tightenings of the pelvic floors.

To put it in fancy medical terms, it increases the pelvic floor muscle mass more quickly and effectively than voluntary muscular contractions can.

In some circumstances, pelvic floor exercises may be adequate.

The Emsella chair, which has received FDA approval, offers both men and women a successful non-surgical treatment option for the management of bladder leak and pelvic flooring disease.

Why This Is the Best option for you

Simply take a seat and switch off the incontinence.

More than 400 million people worldwide suffer from incontinence, yet only around half of them seek treatment.

You don’t have to originate from them. Throughout the soothing and excellent EMSELLA , you remain clothed. Do not be alarmed.

EMSELLA is a fantastic alternative for men and women of any age who want to improve their quality of life and discover a treatment for urinary incontinence.

How long will the therapy last?

Your doctor will undoubtedly come up with a treatment plan just for you.
A normal therapy session lasts about 30 minutes, and you will need to schedule roughly 6 appointments, each occurring twice weekly.

How Does It Feel?

You’ll experience tingling and contractions in your pelvic floor muscles throughout the treatment.
You can resume your regular routine right away after the treatment.

How Long Till I See Results?

You could already observe improvement after one session.
The outcomes will generally get better during the next few weeks.